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Are you corresponding with a girl from a tiny rural town in Russia? Is she in love with you and wants a personal meeting?




Integrative Global Solutions, previously known as E. Garrett Group, is a US-based company. Russian Detective is a part of Integrative Global Solutions and it was created by Elena Garrett, the agency owner, in early 2002 in response to a growing need for quality investigation services in Russia and countries of former Soviet Union.

Russian Detective and it's owner, Elena Garrett, have earned a steady reputation in the Russian dating community. Elena Garrett is a recognized authority on Russian Dating Scam. She has done two TV interviews with CBS Evening News and with A Current Affair. Several other TV producers both in the United States and in Russia have contacted her for consultations.

Russian Detective is not a detective agency in itself. Russian Detective is an international service bureau that works with hundreds of independent private investigators and investigation companies in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of FSU to be able to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently allow you, the client, to get an access to high-quality private investigation services in almost any city of Russia or Ukraine.

Neither Integrative Global Solutions, nor Russian Detective are associated with any dating agencies or networks. We are a completely independent non-bias organization that caters to our client’s needs only.

Russian Detective works only with people or organizations qualified to perform investigation services. We do not employ lawyers to handle our investigations.

The main idea behind Russian Detective is to make its investigation services easy to use and affordable. Therefore we try to keep our overhead expenses to the minimum, so we could keep out prices as low as possible. 

The benefits of using Russian Detective for you, as a client, are numerous.

  • We have contacts with investigators in almost every city of Russia and Ukraine. Most of them are not listed anywhere but in their local phone books. Without our help you are not likely to be able to find them.
  • We negotiate the price. Our lead partner in Russia is an active and respected member of association of private investigators in Russia, and his ties to the private investigators’ community and his status in the association gives him the opportunity to negotiate the lowest possible wholesale prices and the widest spread of services in the industry.
  • We handle all contacts with the investigators. You do not have to worry about language barrier or communication problems. As long as you can convey your instructions to us in English, we will handle the rest.
  • We offer a wide variety of payment options. We handle the transfer of the cash payment(s) to the investigators for you.
  • We significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the risk of loosing your money due to an unprofessional behavior of the investigator. Let us be the first to say that not all private investigators in Russia are honest, reliable people. Some of them have discipline and attitude problems, some have substance abuse problems, and some are just simply small-time crooks. With us, your payment is protected. If the investigator we hired for you failed to do his job, you will get every penny of your payment back. We will be the one to take a financial loss, not you.




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